Last Pickup

When 3 hours 26 mins ago
Admin gumbuk9
Mode team
Players 6
Map ff_zion_b1

Total Pickups

Today 1
Yesterday 2
This Week 10
This Month 24
All Time 19905

Most Active Admins

hadeZtheChampio 837
aleXtric 785
VinnytheBoss 772
hadeZ 688
killu 547

Most Played


ff_destroy 1955
ff_schtop 1465
ff_phantom_r 900
ff_monkey 895
ff_propinquity_b4 754


pool 17197
team 2376
captains 329

Player Numbers

8 16056
4 1481
6 1437

Channel started January 8th, 2008

Online tracking started January 20th, 2008



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1. What is a pickup?

A pickup is an organized match with randomized teams; it is a way for players to experience a league match environment without the necessity of being in a clan or joining a league.

2. Who can join a pickup?

Anyone in the channel can join a pickup. All they have to do is type !add once a pickup has been started

3. What are the pickup modes?

There are three pickup modes:

  • Team (default)
    • Team splits the players into two teams, 1 and 2, and players can add to either team using !add <team number> or just !add
  • Pool
    • Pool waits until the game is full and then randomizes the players into two teams.
  • Captains
    • Captains allows for players to pick their teams while ingame.
    • Anyone can be a captain (as long as the slots are open) by using !add <team number>

4. Who can start a pickup?

Only admins can start pickups. Once a pickup is started, the bot sends a notice to the channel and players can immediately !add


1. Things That Are Never Allowed

  • Midmap DM
    • Midmap DM is not allowed unless a flag is involved.
    • 3 warnings will be issued; if rule is still not complied to, a timed ban will result
  • Cheating
    • Using any hacking software
    • Ghosting in spectate
  • Leaving
    • Leaving the server without the admin's permission
    • Going AFK or spectating without the admin's permission
  • Ruining
    • Purposeful teamkilling
    • Actively giving up and/or messing around at any time
  • Offensive HWGuy
  • Snipers
  • Pyros

2. General Gameplay

  • Team 2 is always the Red Team (for maps such as ff_monkey, where Team 1 would then be the Green Team)

3. Captains Pickups

  • Blue captain picks first
  • Red captain gets two picks in the first round


Available to everyone:

!add Adds yourself to the current pickup
!add <team number> Adds yourself to the specified team or captain slot
!remove Removes yourself from the pickup
!teams Displays current pickup info
!changeteam Move from one team to the other (only in team mode)
!sub Fills a request for a substitute player
!votemap <map> Casts a vote for the specified map
!votes Displays the currently winning map
!sendinfo Sends you the server IP and password if you did not recieve it

Map commands:

!ffmap <map> Gives the link to the main download of the specified map
!ffmap2 <map> Gives the link to the mirror download of the specified map
!ffmapthread <map> Gives the link to the Fortress-Forever forum thread of the specified map

Admins only:

!pickup [mode] [map] Starts a pickup (mode and map are optional) Modes available: " team , pool , captains " (see Question 3 above)
!end Ends the current pickup. If this command is not done the game starter, there is a three minute wait period before it ends.
!map <map name> Changes the map
!remove <player name> Removes specified player from the pickup
!needsub [number of subs] Puts out a request for substitute players
!cancelsub Cancels a request for substitute players
!hold Puts the game on hold. This means that if the pickup fills up, it won't start until it is taken off of hold
!unhold Takes the game off of hold
!notice Makes the bot notice the channel with certain pickup info

Admins only and only by PM (Private Message):

!addserver <alias> <ip> <password> Adds a server alias using the given IP and password. If the server is already found the IP and password will be changed

Game starter only:

!players <number of players> Changes the number of players
!server <alias> Changes to a known server using the given alias
!changemode <mode> Changes the pickup mode. Modes available: " team , pool , captains " (see Question 3 above)
!shuffle Randomizes the players (only in team mode)
!transfer <new admin> Transfers admin of the pickup to the specified op
!veto Removes any requests by other ops to end the pickup

Game starter only and only by PM (Private Message):

!server <ip> <password> Changes the server IP and password for the pickup
!server <alias> Changes to a known server using the given alias
!password <password> Only changes the server password (ip remains the same)